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Professional life insurance agent is a professional career that is honourable and recognised as independence and with honour, a big help to the society and earning a substantial amount of incomes. If you are determinate and would like to become a part of this professional career please fill the online application form, or apply in person at Bangkok Life Assurance PLC head office.

4 frequent asked questions by the people who are interested to join as a life insurance agent.

1. What exactly is this job?
2. What is my career path?
3. Can I do it?
4. What is this company about?

What exactly is this job?

People in general look at the insurance business and career
as another career of increasing their income without knowing and understanding of the true knowledge of this business and career.

The truth is that it is a real profession just like doctors, nurses or teachers that needs the specific knowledge and utilise it to perform effectively with high ethical and morals.

Human beings live under the 4 basic needs of food, clothes, shelter and medicines. In order to obtain these basic needs, we need money but we also found out that there are some factors such as unemployment and death. The main task of insurance selling is to search for the different needs and to create mutual funds to solve the problems for fellow human beings so that life will not be so hard when the harms pull in.

This is a career of faith, social work that makes greatness in profession, to allocate current income to fellow human being as the future revenue as well as raising funds for the country’s economic and social development in accordance of the Government’s policy.

Opportunity of Happiness

Life insurance agents is a occupation that helps fellow human beings becoming a responsible person to the family, knowing how to manage money to eradicate burdens, having gratitude for parents and creating stability and inheritance for the children.

Opportunity in generating incomes and passing on to an heir

Life insurance agent is an occupation that creates limitless incomes, just like running your own business, the more you work the more you earn. It is also an accruing income as long as you are still working in the profession and passing the revenue generated as an inheritance to the heir to secure the stable living.

Agent application documents

If you are determined and would like to be a part of this honourable career, you can fill in the online application form or apply in person at the Bangkok Life Assurance PLC (Head Office).
Contact the Agents Contract Section with following documents;
        1. Life Insurance Agent application form
        2. A copy of identification card

Agent Examination Schedule

Agent Examination Schedule 2012

Agent Examination Schedule 2012 (Other Regions)

Agent Examination Schedule 2012 (Head Office)

Examination Result

You can check your result at Thai Life Assurance Association and OIC websites.


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