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Cookies Policy

This website uses cookies to provide you with a good experience on the website and to help the Company to increase the efficiency of the website further. Cookies do not cause damage to the device of the user. The content stored in cookies can be retrieved and read only by the website that created the cookie.

What are Cookies?

cookies are small text files which are recorded on a computer or electronic device. When you visit a website, cookies will remember your website data usage. The Company will refer to other technologies which have similar functions as cookies as well.

Cookies Usage

The Company will use cookies when you visit the Company’s website. The types of cookies can be classified as follows:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: these cookies are important for the performance of the website. This includes cookies which allow you to access information and use the website safely.
  • Analytical/ Performance Cookies: these cookies store your website data usage so that the Company may evaluate, assess, improve and/or develop the content/ services and website of the Company to enhance a high-quality experience for website browsing. This will also help improve the performance of the website by allowing the user to easily search for what they want.
  • Functionality Cookies: these cookies allow the website to remember your preferences and choices you make including language, region, or the size of the text that you have chosen to use on the website. Once you revisit the Company’s website, this would help the Company present the content as well as respond to your needs and remember the choices you have made to tailor a faster and easier experience without you having to reconfigure every time you visit the website.
  • Targeting Cookies: : these cookies collect information about your visits to websites, pages and links which may include your personal data used to create a profile about you. This is to allow the Company to analyze and present content, products and/or services and/or advertisements relevant to you and your interests.

Third-Party Cookies

The Company’s websites or applications may connect to third-party websites or applications. You are advised to study the cookies policy and privacy policy of those third-party websites which may differ from these of the Company. This is so that you understand how these third-party websites or applications may collect, store and use your data. The Company will not be held responsible for the content, policies, or any damage incurred from the websites or applications of third parties.

Managing Cookies Preferences

You can disable the cookies through browser setting menu on your device. Disabling cookies may affect or limit your website browsing experience. You can find out more about cookies at


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