Bancassurance Products

Gain 1st 810

Key Benefits

  • Easy to apply No health check-up and health declaration required
  • Annual Returns and a lump sum payment at the end of the policy term
  • Life Coverage Up to 700% of the sum assured

Protection and Benefits

Protection Benefits
1. If death occurs during the policy period

You will receive benefits % of sum assured or accumulated paid premiums, whichever amount is greater.

  • 1st policy year: Receive 100% of the sum assured
  • 2nd policy year: Receive 200% of the sum assured
  • 3rd policy year: Receive 300% of the sum assured
  • 4th policy year: Receive 400% of the sum assured
  • 5th policy year: Receive 500% of the sum assured
  • 6th policy year: Receive 600% of the sum assured
  • During 7th - 15th policy year: Receive 700% of the sum assured
2. If no death occurs during the policy period, the insured will receive up to 810% of the sum assured.
  • At the end of 1st -7th policy year: Receive 4% of the sum assured
  • At the end of 8th - 15th policy year: Receive 5% of the sum assured
  • At the end of 15th policy year: Receive 742% of the sum assured

Note: The special bonus is included in the annual survival benefits and maturity benefits.


  • Insurable age: Newborn - 75 years
  • Coverage period: 15 years
  • Premium payment period: 7 years
  • Minimum sum assured: 50,000 baht
  • Maximum sum assured: Unlimited

Premium Rates

Annual premium of 1,000 baht of the sum assured for both male and female

Age (years) Sum Assured (baht)
50,000 - 99,999 100,000 - 299,999 300,000 - 999,999 1,000,000 - 2,999,999 3,000,000 or more
Newborn - 50 976 965 949 938 923
51 - 60 987 976 960 954 949
61 - 75 998 987 976 971 965

For age calculation of the insured, a fraction of more than 6 months shall be counted as a full year.

How to apply

To apply, simply fill out an application form at any Bangkok Bank branch then hand it in along with the required documents.

For more information, please contact any Bangkok Bank branch or call Bualuang Phone 1333
or Bangkok Life Assurance Public Company Limited on(66) 0 2777 8888 or visit

Assured by Bangkok Life Assurance Public Company Limited


  • Insurance premiums are eligible for personal income tax deductions, in line with the Revenue Department conditions.
  • Insurance products offered by the Bank are not the same as a deposit. In the event of early redemption, customers may receive returns less than the paid premiums, depending on the date the early redemption is made.
  • The insured should read and study the terms and conditions carefully before deciding to buy insurance.
  • Bangkok Bank is a life insurance broker, acting as an agent between customers and Bangkok Life Assurance. Bangkok Life Assurance conditions apply to insurance approval.

For more information, please call Bangkok Life Assurance at 02 777 8888 or contact at any Bangkok Bank branch nationwide.


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