About Group Insurance

Being a part to build a better and stable living society is one of Bangkok Life Assurance Company Limited’s missions that have always been upheld…
A stable and liveable society comes from every family that has a trustworthy security which creates peace of mind for everyone in order to operate and move forward with confidence.

The Company’s Corporate Insurance, together with renowned partners of financial stability such as Nippon Life Insurance, Swiss Life Network Mitsui Life Insurance etc., these are the insurance organisations with high experiences enabling
our Corporate Insurance is full with strong foundation business. And in the past years, corporate insurance business has a growth rate of
18.29% and has been trusted by many organisations both public and private sector to take care of employees’ and members’ welfare. From the trusts that the Company has received, the Company's group insurance has grow increasingly steadily every year.

Furthermore, Bangkok Life Insurance Public Company Limited also been awarded by Department of Insurance, Ministry of Commerce, to be a company with consolation prize for excellent operation in 2 consecutive years. This is a true pride of the Company and along with this pride, we will revolve it into a sincere power to contribute to social security of every family always.


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