OPD Sabai Jai

  • Coverage period and premium payment period is 1 year term; coverage can be purchased at the same coverage period as the IPD supplementary policy to which the OPD Sabai Jai endorsement is attached.
  • OPD Sabai Jai endorsement can be purchased with a new or an inforce IPD supplementary contract as follows:
    - Health 2011 Supplementary Contract (HI 2011)
    - Health 2011 Supplementary Contract - deductible (HI 2011 - deductible)
    - BLA Health Plus Supplementary Contract
    - BLA Raksukapab Supplementary Contract
    - BLA Prestige Health Supplementary Contract (Special)
    - BLA Happy Health Supplementary Contract
OPD Sabai Jai
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Coverage Benefits
  Plan 500 Plan 1,000 Plan 1,500 Plan 2,000
Outpatient medical fee per visit
(not exceeding 1 visit per day, maximum 30 visits per year)
500 1,000 1,500 2,000
Total Room and Board for IPD supplementary** Maximum Amount of Benefit to be purchased
Not exceeding 2,000 baht 1,000 baht
2,001 – 3,000 baht 1,500 baht
3,001 baht and over 2,000 baht

(The Insured may purchase one OPD Sabai Jai Endorsement per 1 Policy only, and the maximum amount of outpatient medical fee benefit which can be purchased is considered from the total cost of Room and Board for IPD supplementary policy under the same main policy where the outpatient medical fee benefits from all policies do not exceed 2,000 baht.)

**Cost of total Room and Board for IPD supplementary policy under the same main policy which OPD Sabai Jai endorsement attached.

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OPD Sabai Jai endorsement will not provide coverage for any injury or illness according to the coverage exemption of the inforce IPD supplementary policy which is attached.

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