Personal Accident (PA)

24-hour worldwide protection

Starting as low as 1,000 Baht per year, feel safe anywhere, anytime with our personal accident plan that covers 24-hour worldwide with daily compensation on actual medical bills.

  • Insurable age up to 60 years old
  • Premium starts at 1,000 Baht per year or 2.75 Baht per day
  • Receive 100% of sum assured on accidental death
  • Receive 100% of sum assured on accidental loss of sight and dismemberment
  • Receive 100% of sum assured on accidental total permanent disability
  • Indemnity compensate on medical bills but not exceeding the sum assured
  • Extended coverage in case of murder and assault or accidental death while riding or travelling on a motorcycle

Apply today for your own peace of mind anywhere, anytime

  1. Protection and Benefits
    In case of death, receive 100% of sum assured
    In case of total permanent disability, or either loss of sight, limbs or both (total of 2 or more), receive 100% of sum assured
    In case of loss of sight on one eye or one of the limbs, receive 60% of sum assured
  2. Medical expense reimbursement
    รReceive indemnity compensate on medical bills incurred from accidents per visit but not exceeding the benefit limit in each plan for in-patient and/or out-patient within 52 weeks from the date that the actual accident occur.
  3. Daily compensation
    Daily compensation will be paid out per policy schedule in case of in-patient hospitalization per accidental injury (maximum of 365 days).

Coverage may be extended to cover loss while riding or travelling on motorcycle, murder, assault, strike, riot, protests against the government and terrorist acts.

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