BLA Happy Saving 10/5 (Par)

BLA Happy Saving 10/5 (Par)

This endowment insurance with dividend suitable for those who want...

  • Make a life plan to create insurance and stability in the future
  • Investment plan for more returns and the principal is not lost
  • Planning for children's education - building a family for the education of your beloved child
  • Tax deduction plan premiums are eligible for personal income tax deduction
  • Plan for business for planning to expand the business to grow
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To meet the needs of planning in each aspect of life, the endowment insurance with Par is designed to improve your chances of generating higher returns with investment proportion in assets which are different from Non-Participating Product by increasing the investment proportion in high-risk assets along with managed with a dedicated investment portfolio. Expertise and efficiency for aiming in good and appropriate returns in each period.


Comparison of Investment Proportion between Non-Participating and Participating product

BLA Happy Saving 10/5 (Par)

Investment Strengths

BLA Happy Saving 10/5 (Par)

Separated investment portfolio*

Participating product portfolio provides investment flexibility for higher chance of receiving higher returns with minimum guarantee return

BLA Happy Saving 10/5 (Par)

Bottom-Up analysis

For better investment decisions, this results in good and appropriate returns in each period of time

BLA Happy Saving 10/5 (Par)

Manage and monitor investment portfolio

By experts and efficient management system

* To increase the opportunity to receive higher returns, the company has a policy to invest in high-risk assets for Participating Product in a higher proportion than Non-Participating Product. High-risk assets include common stocks and real estate funds both domestically and internationally, including businesses with long-term high growth prospects such as those in the technology and health sectors.

BLA Happy Saving 10/5 (Par)

Manage your savings grow for each desired goal with a life insurance policy for short-term savings. Pay premiums for 5 years and get 10-year life coverage, suitable for expanding stability for the desired life goals. The insurance plan answers to your need for life coverage that is constantly increasing. Cash return is guaranteed, with more chances of receiving dividends upon contract maturity.

บีแอลเอ แฮปปี้เซฟวิ่ง 10/5

*Or accumulated actual life insurance premium paid, whichever is higher (between the 5th -10th policy year)

  • Insured age : 0 to 80 years
  • Initial sum assured : 50,000 baht
  • Annual premium payment
  • Insurance underwriting is in accordance with the company's criteria
  • Additional riders can be purchased, according to the conditions set by the company
  • In the case of not purchasing additional riders, no examination and no health questions are required
BLA Happy Saving 10/5 (Par)
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Alive Deceased
On the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th policy anniversary, receive 5% annual cash return The 1st policy year, receive 100% cash return
On the maturity date, receive 490% cash return, The 2nd policy year, receive 200% cash return
Total benefit throughout the contract of 510%, with a chance to receive dividends according to the company’s dividend allocation policy[3] The 3rd policy year, receive 300% cash return
  The 4th policy year, receive 400% cash return
  The 5th - 10th policy year, receive 500% cash return
(% of the sum assured) (% of the sum assured or actual accumulated life insurance premiums paid, whichever is higher)
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A 35-year-old male in good health, with a 100,000 baht sum assured.
He pays an annual premium of 98,100 baht per year and has a personal income tax rate of 20 percent throughout the contract period.

Unit: Baht

Policy year Annual Insurance premium
(at the commencement of policy year)
Cash return benefit at maturity date Life coverage Policy surrender value Total eligible cash return before maturity Tax benefits
% of the sum assured Amount % of the sum assured Amount
1 98,100 - - 100% 100,000 21,800 21,800 19,620
2 98,100 5% 5,000 200% 200,000 74,000 79,000 19,620
3 98,100 - - 300% 300,000 184,100 189,100 19,620
4 98,100 5% 5,000 400% 400,000 278,300 288,300 19,620
5 98,100 - - 500% 500,000 395,100 405,100 19,620
6   5% 5,000 500% 500,000 399,800 414,800  
7   - - 500% 500,000 409,500 424,500  
8   5% 5,000 500% 500,000 414,500 434,500  
9   - - 500% 500,000 424,600 444,600  
10   490% 490,000 500% 500,000 435,000 510,000  
Total 490,500 510% 510,000 - - - - 98,100
  • The value of cash return benefits, policy surrender, and eligible cash return before maturity of the contract are based on the value calculated on policy anniversary.
  • The eligible cash return before maturity is the sum of the cumulative amount of cash received back, combined with the amount of policy surrender value, calculated on policy anniversary. However, as of the date of surrender, the insured will be assigned the policy surrender value only.

Unit: Baht

Summary of benefits under the policy (including dividends) In case of no dividend payment Example of dividend from average return on investment throughout the contract[2]
3% 4% 5%
1. All annual cash return benefits
at 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th policy anniversary
20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000
2. Maturity cash return
at the 10th policy anniversary
490,000 490,000 490,000 490,000
3. Chance to receive dividends upon maturity[1]
(Non-guaranteed benefits payment)
- 21,580 50,500 79,430
4. Benefits throughout the contract (1.+2.+3.) 510,000 531,580 560,500 589,430
5. Total premium paid of five years 490,500 490,500 490,500 490,500
6. Benefit value that exceeds the paid premiums (4.-5.) 19,500 41,080 70,000 98,930
7. Benefit from five-year tax deductions 98,100 98,100 98,100 98,1000
8. Benefit value that exceeds the paid premiums
(in the case of tax deduction benefits (6.+7.))
117,600 139,180 168,100 197,030

[1] The company may consider paying dividends upon maturity to the insured; such dividends are based on the return on investment of the assets of the dividend-paying product portfolio over the contract period after deducting all costs of the insurance policy. The company will allocate the 80 percent to the insured, and the dividend at the maturity of this contract is different for each product. This is in accordance with the conditions, requirements, and dividend calculation methods provided by the company.

[2] The average return on investment throughout the contract is only one factor used in the dividend calculation. The average return on investment over the contract shown is estimated from the company's average return on investment. The actual return on investment received may be higher or lower than what is shown. The insured should consider the information in the sales offering document before making a decision to purchase a life insurance policy products.

The average return on investment over the contract period is the return that the company receives from the investment of the dividend-paying product assets over the contract period. The annual return on investment can be viewed via

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BLA Happy Saving 10/5 (Par)

  • In the event that the insured does not disclose the true statement or makes a false statement, the company will void the contract within two years from the effective date of the coverage under the insurance policy, or upon renewal, or upon reinstatement, or upon the date the company approves the increase of the sum assured only for the additional part. Unless the insured does not have a stake in the insured event, or the declaration of age is inaccurate that the actual age is outside the normal trade premium rate limit.
  • In the event the insured commits suicide within one year from the effective date of the insurance policy, or upon renewal, or upon reinstatement, or upon the date the company approves the increase of the sum assured only for the additional part, or if murdered by the beneficiary.


  • This advertising media is only a summary of preliminary benefits. Please read the details of the coverage conditions and exclusions before deciding to purchase any insurance products. The coverage conditions and complete exclusions can be inquired from your agents or from your life insurance policy details.
  • Remittance of insurance premiums is the responsibility of the insured. The fact that life insurance agents and brokers offer to collect insurance premiums is a service only.
  • A health declaration is one of the factors for underwriting and benefits payment consideration.
  • For maximum benefits from the policy, the insured should pay premiums until the premium payment period completes and hold the policy until its maturity.
  • BLA Happy Saving 10/5 (Par) insurance premiums and health insurance premiums (if any) can be used for personal income tax deductions, according to the criteria set by the Revenue Department.

For more details, please contact our life insurance agents or financial advisors nationwide.