BLA Health Plus

When things happen, how many people will be there for you? “BLA Health Plus” a value health insurance plan, can help take away your worry throughout 365 days with high and comprehensive coverage, so you can take up the unexpected challenge with a peace of mind.

When things happen, how many people will be there for you

  • Maximum coverage of 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 Baht/per year (from selected plan)
  • Maximum coverage of cancer, heart disease and strokes of 600,000 – 3,000,000 Baht per admission (According to the selected plan throughout the policy period and not exceeding the maximum benefit limit per year).
  • Continuing coverage for post-hospitalization OPD costs.
  • Coverage of OPD costs relating to chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hemodialysis.
  • May seek for compensation instead when your IPD costs are covered by the social welfare of other protection schemes.
  1. Insurable age of 6 months – 65 years old (maximum coverage period up to 80 years old)
  2. Flexible premium payment plan of 6 months / 3 months and monthly (in compliance with the main policy)
  3. Coverage period and premium payment period of 1 year, maximum applicable coverage period is equivalent to the life policy with this supplemental policy attached to up to 79 years old.
  4. This supplemental policy in adherence with a new policy or the effective existing policy.
  5. Health examination must be conducted in accordance with the Company’s underwriting rules.

For more details, please contact our life insurance agents or financial advisors nationwide.