Good Corporate Governance


Whistle Blowing Policy

The Board of Directors encourages stakeholders to report on misconduct, irregularities, or malpractices of directors, management, employees, insurance agents, financial advisors, or other corporate representative.


Whistle Blowing Channels

A person who is aware or suspect of unlawful act, misconduct, or malpractice, without regarding whether he or she is affected by such acts, can report such incident through the following channels:


1. Chairman of Audit Committee


2. Internal Audit Department

Tel: 0-2777-8233-4 Fax: 0-2777-8237 or


3. Compliance Office

Tel: 02-777-8861 Fax: 0-2777-8605 or


Whistle-Blowing Procedures

The whistle blower must provide information in sufficient detail e.g., whistle blower’s name, address, phone number, and e-mail address (if any), and time and place at which the incident occurred. The contact information will be used solely for seeking further detail of the incident during an investigation process.


Protective Measures for Whistle Blowers

The Company will keep the whistle blower’s name and contact information strictly confidential. Should such information need to be disclosed, a careful consideration will be taken in regards to safety and potential impact towards the whistle blower, the accused person or other concerned party.


The Company will not commit any unfair treatment towards the whistle blower. Unfair treatment ranges from job transfer, suspension, harassment, victimization, or dismissal, or any other acts.


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