Good Corporate Governance

Executive Board of Directors
  1. Mrs. Komkai Thusaranon

    Chairman of the Executive Board of Directors

  2. Mrs.Savitri Ramyarupa

    Executive Director

  3. Mr.Yuichi Honda

    Executive Director

  1. Mr.Vetit Assawamangcla

    Executive Director

  2. Mr.Chone Sophonpanich

    Executive Director

Authority, Duties and Responsibilities of Executive Board of Directors

  1. Manage the Company’s business in accordance to the objectives, regulations, resolution of the shareholders' meeting or any statement or policy defined by Board of Directors. Approve and/or endorse any activities necessary for general administration and management of the Company. In addition, Executive Board of Directors has a duty to scrutinize considerations to be presented to the Board for approval and/or consideration for approval as prescribed by the regulations, or orders of the Board of Directors, as well as the implementation of the orders of Board of Directors from case by case.
  2. Appoint a subcommittee and/or a working team, and/or any person to act upon the matters presented to Board of Directors, or to carry out any work that is useful to perform the duties of the Committee. Or to perform any representation as assigned by the Board of Directors within the scope of authority of Executive Board of Directors.

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